Monday, September 12, 2011

Is George LeMieux working with Guetzloe?

Why would George LeMieux willingly work with Doug Guetzloe, the man who spent last year engaged in a direct assault on both the Republican party and many tea party movement organizations and activists around the state (see my post from last month here with lots of links about Guetzloe)?

Or - and maybe this is worse - is LeMieux really that ignorant about the tea party? That doesn't seem that farfetched, considering the swirling gossip about LeMieux's contempt for grassroots conservatives. Or is he so desperate for positive press as L'affaire de Greer grinds on, that he'll take it from any source, no matter how low he has to stoop?

Here's what we know so far:

"Central Florida Politics" is yet another Guetzloe-affiliated website. The only ads on the site are for Guetzloe's websites (the Guetzloe Report and Ax the Tax), the Phoenix Network (the same website that printed the article slanted toward Mike McCalister that I reported on last month), and the Florida Tea Party (the third party political party Guetzloe helped organize last year).

On September 8, 2011, Central Florida Politics published an article slamming Adam Hasner and praising George  LeMieux:

Central Florida Politics | Conservative Legislators reject former leader Hasner and endorse George LeMieux for the US Senate

The same article was also posted that same day on the Phoenix Network website.

Here's where it gets weird: this Sunday, George LeMieux posted the same article on his campaign website. (I don't have time to post them right now but I've screencapped all these websites.)

Free advice for George LeMieux: if you want to get votes from grassroots conservatives, affiliating with the guy who spent last year trying to destroy the tea party in Florida isn't the best strategy.

Just to recap where we are today:

LeMieux continues to pretend that he hatched as a brand-new conservative on the day that Charlie Crist left the Republican Party, despite years of easily-Googled articles saying the opposite.

LeMieux still has not apologized to the many veterans who he insulted with his premature defense of Mike McCalister, even though the truth has been available for over two weeks.

LeMieux also hasn't provided a good explanation for his role in L'affaire de Greer. In fact, he is laughably claiming he was "out in the private sector" and knew nothing about what was going on, despite evidence to the contrary. (see here, here, and here).

Hmmm. Maybe we really shouldn't blame George LeMieux for affiliating with Doug Guetzloe. It must have been awfully nice for him to see his name in print without "Jim Greer" or "criminal investigation" or "potential election law violation."

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