Friday, September 9, 2011

Morning Coffee Reading for September 9, 2011

Here's your morning coffee reading for today:
  • Yesterday was a sad day for Florida Republicans, as RPOF Chairman David Bitner died after a valiant battle with ALS. Saint Petersblog has done an excellent job collecting messages from leaders around the state in reaction to Bitner's passing:
Saint Petersblog | Rest in peace, Mr. Chairman: RPOF's Dave Bitner has died after battle with ALS
Ted Cruz | Blog | Sen. DeMint, Others Weigh in on Jobs and Growth Agenda
  • The myth that moderates are more "electable" is debunked in this American Thinker article, with a discussion of the 1964 Goldwater-Johnson race, the 1980 Reagan-Carter race, and several recent Senate races:
The Road to Hell is Paved with 'Electable' Candidates
St. Petersburg Times | The Buzz Blog | Former Crist donors help LeMieux in Pensacola
  • Obama gave his jobs speech last night, demanding that Congress "pass this bill, right away!" about a million times. Yawn. Of course, there's no actual bill yet. Allegedly, we'll see one next week. Anyway, in the meantime, here's a clever post from Wizbang with an actual practical idea how to create jobs:
Wizbang | How a Lowly Blogger Can Teach Obama to Create 15 Million Jobs
Big Journalism | Dana Loesch | Jake Tapper Grills Jay Carney on Hoffa Remarks
  • Kurt Schlichter has written an excellent commentary about why trial lawyers are so adamantly opposed to Rick Perry:

The Washington Examiner | President Perry would mean high noon for trial lawyers
  • And here's an American Spectator article discussing Perry's remarks about the death penalty at the Reagan Library debate:
American Spectator | John R. Guardiano | In Defense of Perry on the Death Penalty
  • How despicable: a group of atheists is suing to block the "Ground Zero cross" from being installed as a memorial. IMHO, this is ridiculous because the cross is not the imposition of religion upon anyone, but merely several steel beams from the wreckage of the Twin Towers that coincidentally were found in the shape of a cross, and became a source of comfort to many. The Ground Zero Cross is a part of the story of September 11th and belongs at the site. Here's Megyn Kelly debating the obnoxious guy who filed the lawsuit (hat tip: The Hot Joints):
  • Here's a short article on the voter ID issue by the Republican National Lawyers Association, with links to a detailed study by the Heritage Foundation, a recent Rasmussen poll, and other interesting links:
The Republican Lawyer Blog | Getting the Complete Picture on Photo Voter ID
  • Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs started sending out an email newsletter, with lots of great information about county programs, upcoming votes, and other events. You can subscribe here.

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