Monday, June 13, 2011

Facts are fun, aren't they?

One of the popular liberal responses to the High Speed Train of Embarrassment known as Anthony Weiner that I'm seeing involves pointing fingers at Republicans like Mark Foley or David Vitter who also had scandalous personal escapades.

Well, I'll take your Foley and Vitter and raise you a Barney Frank and Eric Massa. A RedState diarist named Jake Walker who I follow on Twitter (@Jake_W) has nicely donated a large chunk of time detailing the complete and utter failure of Former Speaker of the House (heh, I still love seeing that) and current Democratic Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi to fulfill her promise to "drain the swamp." Yeah...most transparent administration in history, yada yada yada...

Anyway, Walker noticed a tweet from ABC News White House Correspondent Jake Tapper commenting on Pelosi's belated call for Weiner to resign:

BUT it is true that this is the first time @NancyPelosi has called for a House Democrat to resign.Sat Jun 11 22:55:39 via TweetDeck

Wow. My congratulations to Anthony Weiner for making history! [rolleyes]

Noting that the "Democratic Party does have a habit of circling the wagons around their own" whenever there's a hint of scandal, Walker decided to do some research of all the Democrat scandals during Pelosi's time at the head of her party:
So, to refresh our memories, I have compiled a list of scandals that have occurred within her party under her leadership. Though it’s probably fairer to her than she deserves, I have limited this list to scandals occurring or continuing solely during her term as Democratic House Leader, meaning no Barney Frank prostitution ring or Dan Rostenkowski. Furthermore, this list is limited to House members only during that period, meaning no Chris Dodd. I’m also not including Anthony Weiner because his case is fresh in our memory. I cannot claim that this list is authoritative – these are Democrats we’re talking about after all, meaning there’s always more scandals waiting to be uncovered. 
 Here's the article. Enjoy.

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