Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Change I Really CAN Believe In!

When I was in DC in November, I took this picture of the hallway leading to the offices for the Speaker of the House:

The sign says "THIS CORRIDOR CLOSED," which just seemed full of delicious irony at the time.

Today, some delightful photos were posted online:

Hat tip to Twin66 and  BrentTeichman, who posted this on Twitter a few hours ago with the caption "**WARNING** -> Conservative pornography..."  Heehee.

...and now the "Change!"

Hat tip to bccohan and davidhauptmann
...and that, my friends, is some change I can believe in!

...or, in a more grammatically-correct format, "change in which I can believe"...ugh, that slogan drove me bonkers in 2008.

Be sure to check out this excellent post at RedState: "Today America's Mother-in-Law Puts Down the Gavel" (aka best nickname for Fancy Nancy Pelosi EVER).

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