Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pam Bondi: Swinging for the Fences on Day One

Our new Attorney General is wasting no time getting to work.  Here is an excellent op-ed  by Pam Bondi, published in the Wall Street Journal today:

Wall Street Journal | Pam Bondi | The States Versus ObamaCare
This week begins the inauguration and swearing-in ceremonies for newly elected officials all over the country. One thing many of us have in common is that the voters rewarded us for our outspoken opposition to ObamaCare.

The electorate's decisive rejection of the Obama administration's policies reveals a pervasive concern over the federal government's disregard of fundamental aspects of our nation's Constitution. No legislation in our history alters the balance of power between Washington and the states so much as ObamaCare does...

On Monday, Bondi appeared on On the Record for a great interview with Greta Van Susteren.  I am thrilled to see her enthusiasm for her job and aggressive approach to the health care litigation.

YouTube | FoxNewsChannel | Uncut: Pam Bondi 'On the Record'

Looks like hiring a prosecutor to be our Attorney General was a good move.  Bondi's been locking up serial killers and child molesters for years.  Obama and Congress don't scare her one bit.  And if this is what she has done with less than 24 hours officially on the job, I cannot wait to see what comes next. 

High five to Pam Bondi.

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