Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rick Scott Twitter Town Hall - Tonight at 7 pm

Our new Governor, Rick Scott, has been making use of technology in ways beyond many other politicians.  The Florida press was in a flurry after Scott announced several key appointments, not with a traditional press release, but on his Facebook page.

Looking back, this move shouldn't have been that much of a surprise to anyone who watched him boldly refuse to sit down with any of the state's newspaper editorial boards during the election (I personally wouldn't have had the nerve, but I have to admire the audacity of what seemed like a dangerously risky move).  But somehow it still made news, with a number of journalists and bloggers noting the uniqueness of Scott's method of communication. I think I saw almost as many posts on Twitter remarking on Scott releasing  the news first on Facebook as posts commenting on the actual hires.

"They still print newspapers on actual paper?  That's quaint.
Anyway, join me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter and you can see what the papers will be printing in a day or two!"

Well, it should also come as no surprise that our Governor, who is still making the local press all twitchy with his nonchalant attitude towards them (that's what happens when y'all let him prove that he doesn't really need you), is continuing to use new media methods to reach out to his constituents.

Yesterday, Scott posted on Twitter the following invitation:

@FlGovScott: Join me for a Twitter Town Hall tomorrow night at 7pm. Send Q's to @, use . I will answer as many Q's as I can.

So, tune in to tonight at 7 pm for an online town hall with Governor Scott.  Should be interesting.


  1. Comment: Florida has no accessible technology and entrepreneurial corridor like Silicon Valley in California, and no venture capital investment epicenter like Wall Street in New York City to encourage and foster technology-based small business development and entrepreneurs in our State. The Space Center on the east coast was all Florida had for R&D. But it was almost solely Government supported and financed. And, once policy changed and funding was cut, then jobs and business development went down along with it.

    Question: Do you plan to bring incentives and supports to ultra-small tech business in Florida to help us move to the future, to get a leg-up against out-of-state commerce, sector competition and quickly dwindling profitability margins in order for us to gain and maintain an edge in business and product development, financial viability, survivability and market share growth for Floridians?

    Four Ideas (Must Do’s):

    1. Florida must transform its business culture and environment from tourist-based service provision to both brick-and-mortar and click-and-mortar product development and sales.

    2. Florida must develop its own internet search engine format for web and mobile media, along with the supporting business apparatus, to compete with Google, Bing and Yahoo worldwide - the final destination consumer digital information center online has not been developed yet (FaceBook is just the beginning of a new format for information services).

    3. Florida must invest in the development of its own oil and gas refinery to produce our own products, to compete nationally and internationally with big oil and the Middle East, and to become self-sustaining for our essential petroleum energy needs.

    4. Florida must develop our own new R&D technology and entrepreneurial corridor to set the stage for the future and to advance development of the products that consumers will use to reduce energy costs, to enhance their lives and productivity, and to maintain a healthy environment.

  2. Man, I really like what that person said! I feel, motivated.


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