Thursday, June 23, 2011

Conservative endorsements continue to pile up for Adam Hasner

Author and talk show host Hugh Hewitt has joined fellow conservative stalwarts Erick Erickson, Mark Levin, Monica Crowley, and Ken Blackwell in endorsing Adam Hasner in the Republican Primary for the 2012 U.S. Senate race:

YouTube | adamhasner | Hugh Hewitt Stands With Adam Hasner
I got a call over the weekend, actually it was a tweet, "who should I start supporting?" People want to get involved in the 2012 cycle, and I said you can look at Adam Hasner, you can look at Josh Mandel, you can look at Ted Cruz...These are Senate candidates who will fundamentally change the way politics is done in Washington, D.C.
...[Hasner's race is] one race you can contribute to with great confidence that your money is going to a conservative who is going to be a constitutional conservative when they get to D.C. 

To learn more about Adam Hasner:
Adam Hasner official campaign website
Adam Hasner on Facebook
Twitter: @AdamHasner

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