Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Marco Rubio Addresses The Republican Jewish Coalition

Marco Rubio addressed the Republican Jewish Coalition yesterday at a reception in Washington, D.C. If you're looking for a little pick-me-up "why we fight" reminder, listening to this 10 minute speech is exactly what you need. Here's the video of his speech to the group:

YouTube | SenatorMarcoRubio | Sen. Rubio Addresses The Republican Jewish Coalition

Rubio begins with some powerful remarks about the unique greatness of America, and the child of working class immigrants would not be able to become a Senator anywhere else or at any other time than during "the American Century." Much of the speech centers around what we must do to ensure we can enjoy the benefits of another American Century.

Rubio also has some cutting words for the United Nations, calling them "only good at two things: number one, condemning Israel, and number two, cashing our checks that we send."

Well said, Senator Rubio. I continue to be extremely proud that I helped elect a great leader to be my Senator.

As far as Florida's other Senator goes, Rubio had these words of praise for Adam Hasner, who also attended the RJC event:
Adam was the Majority Leader when I was the Speaker of the House and did a great job and will be a great candidate.


  1. Did he first show his long form birth certificate?
    -Unabashed liberal

  2. Who is this "unabashed liberal" idiot? No one is questioning Rubio's birth certificate. Stupid. And I don't see any birther ranting on this website either.

  3. I keep thinking about not allowing anonymous comments, but wow they can be so funny. Weird, sometimes creepy, but funny. Rubio's birth certificate? Please.

  4. Sarah sometimes we do not want to be anonymous but have trouble signing in. Mark Thompson

    Beside I could care less who write on my blog with the exception of spammer which drive me crazy! Wordpress does a good job catching them but still some get through.

  5. Dear fellow anonymous:

    It was a JOKE. Don't take it so seriously. In reality, I'm sure both members of the Republican Jewish Coalition were delighted to hear Rubio speak!

    -Anonymous unabashed liberal

  6. Dear Anonymous unabashed liberal,

    Like I said, I find the high % of silliness from anonymous comments mostly entertaining. But I do have to correct you on one issue...just like every other group in America, Jews are not a uniform voting bloc. True, the majority do vote Democrat, but not all.

    And President Obama seems determined to do all he can to increase the number of Jewish people voting Republican. I've been to RJC events in Orlando that were very well-attended.

    Check out the organization and learn for yourself. They do some great work.

  7. I love Rubio and would support him for president.


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