Friday, June 17, 2011

How to participate in Florida's redistricting process

One of the most crucial issues for the upcoming 2012 elections is redistricting. The Florida Legislature has created an extremely detailed website at with all the information you could possibly want regarding the redistricting process, related legal issues, calendar of meetings and events, maps, and even all the software and data you need to create your own district map.

The Florida Senate and House Apportionment Committees will begin conducting public meetings around the state starting on Monday. You can view the schedule here and sign up to attend the meeting in your area.

This is a unique opportunity to directly participate in the politics and history of our state. Because of population growth shown on the 2010 Census, Florida is gaining two new Congressional seats, and population shifts around the state will further reshape our political borders. I encourage you to check out the website, review the materials, and attend a meeting or submit your comments as instructed on the website.

For more information, check out the following links:

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@FLRedistricting on Twitter
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  1. doesnt matter if you directly participate the seats are already being set up for carey baker and matt gaetz

  2. Well aren't we cynical. You do know drawing districts doesn't promise them permanently to any one person? Ask Tom Feeney.

    Also, there are too many moving parts, too many people involved to carry out such a conspiracy. And even if the committees drew the districts "for" someone, and they weren't torn apart by the litigation that seems to be looming, nothing would prevent another candidate from running for the seat too.

    No seat "belongs" to a person. Ask Charlie Crist.

  3. I heard that a law student from Columbia University was the first citizen to submit a proposal to carve up Florida. Also, I heard that all the insane asylums are going to be gerrymandered into one district so that Grayson can have a seat.


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