Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A little shameless self promotion

I'll be on the Ray Junior Show today at 5:30 pm, so be sure and tune in today.

You can listen on 1240 AM in St. Augustine, 1340 AM in Tampa, or online here.

We'll see if I can do better than our Senate President...although, I guess the bar is set pretty low...as long as Ray doesn't hang up on me, I win! One thing I have in my favor is that, unlike certain well-coiffed politicians, I've rarely had trouble figuring out my opinion or hesitated expressing it. Perhaps I was made for talk radio, heh.

Ray seems pretty optimistic about my chances. Tune in and see how I do!

Follow Ray Junior on Twitter: @RayJuniorShow

Also, Orlando Weekly is running their annual "Best of Orlando" contest, and I'd love it if you could go and vote for Sunshine State Sarah as "Best Local Blog" under the "Local Color" category.

Thank you!

And also thanks to my friend Alan Byrd at Byrd Connections, who is once again organizing support for this contest. If you need any public relations or media assistance, you should chat with him. Good guy, really knows his stuff.


  1. We're listening in! Good luck! (and yes we think you'll do better than hairdopolos!)

  2. I survived! Ray didn't hang up on me! Haha :)

  3. Just voted for you!


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