Saturday, June 11, 2011

Allen West: Florida Legislature "missed the boat" on E-Verify

Congressman Allen West, at a recent townhall meeting in Davie, had some harsh words for the Florida Legislature and its failure to pass an E-Verify law during this year's session.

Echoing his previous statements of disappointment in the Legislature's failure to pass this important legislation, West said that they had "missed the boat," and placed blame on both parties, stating:
One side wants to have new class of voters. The other side wants cheap labor for their buddies.
West is absolutely right. That is exactly what happened. The Democrats want open borders because they believe they will get most of the votes from new immigrants, and certain Republicans have ties to agriculture [cough...cough...JD Alexander] or business interests [cough...cough...Haridopolos] that would prefer less-strict enforcement procedures.

Here's the video:

YouTube | TheSharkTank1 | Allen West - E-Verify Needed

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