Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Allen West "Disappointed" in Senate's Failure to Pass E-Verify

Javier Manjarres, CPAC 2011 Blogger of the Year and Editor of The Shark Tank, interviewed Congressman Allen West after a recent town hall meeting and discussed the Florida Legislature's failure to include an E-Verify measure in this year's immigration bill.

West joined Rick Scott and many other Floridians in being disappointed in the failure of the Legislature to pass the tough immigration reform that was promised at the start of session.
Among other politicos that have expressed concern and disappointment of this failed measure is Congressman Allen West. West has long been a supporter of ‘legal immigration’, [supports the] movement to secure the nation’s borders, has expressed his concerns over the threat of illegal immigration and the criminal element that comes with this threat.
At his townhall meeting in Pompano Beach, Florida, West expressed to the 200+ attendees that he felt that the Legislature let down Floridians, and later lamented on this very issue after the townhall ended...

Let's be clear about what happened with the immigration bill. 

By "legislature" he really means "Florida Senate." RT @THESHARKTANK
Allen West Disappointed in FL Legislature E-Verify May 18 01:13:53 via web

Senate President Mike Haridopolos promised E-Verify would be a part of the bill at the beginning of session, the House's version of the bill included E-Verify. but the Senate was unable to get their act together. The blame for the failure of this important immigration reform lies with the Senate, and nowhere else.

He ain't the only one. RT @THESHARKTANK1: Allen West Disappointed in FL Legislature over E-Verify #sayfieWed May 18 00:47:12 via ÜberSocial

Congressman West, I share your disappointment that E-Verify failed this year. It's sad and pathetic that so many promises were made and now we're left with, well,  nothing but more promises about what the Senate plans to pass "next year."

Yeah. I'll believe it when I see it. Fool me once...

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