Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Morning Coffee Reading for May 11, 2011

Here's your morning coffee reading (and a video) for today:

Some great tips for getting more clicks and "Likes" on your Facebook page: (hat tip: Bettina Inclan)
Mashable | 10 Proven Strategies for Greater Likability on Facebook 
Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) lays down the law for GOP candidate, stating unequivocally that he will not support any presidential hopeful who isn't tough on budget issues:
"I couldn't support a presidential candidate who did not say we have to have a balanced budget amendment pass before we support [raising the debt ceiling]," DeMint said. "I think we should go to the mat with Obama. I don't think there should be any compromise on that, and if Obama wants to be closing part of the government next fall because he's unwilling to balance the budget, I think we can win that argument."
(P.S. You know who else supports a balanced budget amendment? Adam Hasner, that's who. Oh. Yeah.)

Here's another Washington Examiner article about hearings held by Congressmen Cliff Stearns (R-FL) and Darrell Issa (R-CA) regarding the Obama Administration's lack of transparency:
Washington Examiner | Obama's 'open' government hides behind closed doors
Also, if you're not already following Congressman Issa on Twitter (@DarrellIssa), you really should. Besides posting lots of great updates about his work as "chief watchdog" for the House GOP, his profile picture (or "avi," in standard Twitter parlance) is just great:

Darrell Issa is watching you.
Homefront Hugs USA is a unique charity that supports our military. They are collecting Legos, which will be used both as a way for our troops in Afghanistan to bond with local children, and also to assist with rehabilitation for injured veterans. The little plastic blocks are excellent practice for fine motor skills and reasoning abilities that can be affected by head or other nerve injuries. Here's a blog post about the charity and all the info you need to participate:
Semper Fi Momma | Homefront Lego Hugs for Our Troops and Some Very Special Kids
Looks like Donald Trump's flirtation with running for President may be coming to an end. Recent polls show his support taking a nose dive. Personally, my opinion is that the man can't even manage his hair competently, so I definitely don't want him having access to our nuclear codes!
Yid With Lid Blog | Trump's Done: Can We Concentrate on REAL Candidates Now?
A complete disaster. Also, his hair is a mess.
Our wonderful Senator Marco Rubio is teaming up with Senators Pat Toomey, Jim DeMint, Mike Lee and others to offer a proposal that would balance the federal budget within ten years. Jennifer "Cubachi" has an excellent write-up about the proposal, including a video of Rubio at a press conference at her blog, here:
Cubachi | Toomey offers proposal to balance the budget, with support from Rubio, DeMint, others
Sayfie Review editor Justin Sayfie interviewed Governor Rick Scott on a variety of topics, including the date of Florida's presidential primary, the GOP presidential candidates, his thoughts on this year's legislative session, Donald Trump (yes, really), and his decision making process regarding appointments:

YouTube | sayfiereview | Gov. Scott on presidential primary, GOP candidates, appointments

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