Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Adam Hasner: Attack The Debt

One of the biggest reasons I'm supporting Adam Hasner (don't forget, you can come meet him tonight) is his strong and aggressive approach to our national debt:
Our mounting deficits and long term debt have become our country’s greatest national security threat. Raising the debt limit without making serious changes to how our country spends money would send the wrong message and create greater financial uncertainty. Washington should not raise the debt limit without a balanced budget amendment, spending caps tied to GDP, and serious reforms to Medicaid and Medicare to ensure these programs remain solvent without bankrupting our nation. This is an opportunity to get serious about spending reform that Republicans and Democrats must not squander.
Hasner recently launched a new website, AttackTheDebt.com, along with this YouTube video:

YouTube | Join Adam Hasner  - Tell Washington to Attack The Debt

Here's the press release from the launch of the site (click to enlarge):
Human Events wrote an article about the Attack the Debt website and more details about Hasner's ideas for fiscal reform:

Human Events | John Hayward | Adam Hasner Attacks The Debt: A Line Is Drawn in the Sand

You can read more about Adam Hasner's plan to Attack the Debt and the rest of his "Pledge to Floridians" here.

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