Monday, June 27, 2011

Only $141,512.10 to go!

Senate President Mike Haridopolos justified his book deal with Brevard Community College by saying that the college would earn some money from the sale of the book.

Well, thanks to a public records request by liberal group Progress Florida, we now know how profitable the book has been for BCC:


Ouch. The book, which BCC paid Haridopolos $152,000 to write, has earned less than five hundred bucks.

So, hey, only $141,512.10 to go! (Somehow I'm not optimistic.)

"Only $487.90? Really? Awww, darn!"
Note also that Progress Florida has set up a mean little website called "Dirty Hari," where they are gleefully publishing this lack-of-a-profit report and other negative items about Haridopolos. Florida Republican primary voters should look through that website and ask themselves if they think this is the best candidate for us to send up against Bill Nelson. This is what they are publishing now - they certainly won't get nicer during the general election.

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