Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day from Marco Rubio [VIDEO]

Here's a Father's Day message from our Senator, Marco Rubio:

YouTube | SenatorMarcoRubio | Sen. Rubio's Father's Day Message
...while I'm a United States Senator, and that's an important job, the most important job I have is as a father and husband. In fact, it is in the role of father and husband that I can make the greatest contribution to our country and to our future, and that's true for each of you as well...
And a special Happy Father's Day to two great fathers in my life:

Dad in 1969, the year he married Mom. my Dad, who can fix almost anything, taught me to love coffee and classic automobiles, has been a great and steady presence in my life and my brother's life, and is now a very happy and proud Grandpa to my little niece...

...and to my "little-big brother" Tom (he's younger but taller), who is hands down the best brother a girl could want, finds the cool new bands before I've ever heard of them, is one of the funniest people I know, and a wonderful father to his little girl.

Love you guys!

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