Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Website: Indie Politics

Filmmaker and blogger Lee Stranahan has launched a new website, IndiePolitics, describing it as "a new, unique vision of political blogging that’s coming just in time for the election."

The site is still under construction but the idea is to be a political discussion forum that's not strictly partisan. As Stranahan posted on the Indie Politics Twitter account:

Is there a place for a political site that goes past partisan ideologies & tries to present fresh, lively ideas...without insulting your IQ?Fri Jun 17 09:08:23 via web

I've been invited to contribute content and will be posting over there from time to time when I have something that fits the site.

Here's my first Indie Politics post:
Indie Politics | Sarah Rumpf | Who won the GOP debate? The answer may be on Twitter
Stranahan is still looking for additional contributors to Indie Politics, so if you're interested, email and put "IndiePolitics Blogging" in the subject line.

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