Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adam Hasner: "Consistent Message" and Principles Will Attract Hispanic Votes [VIDEO]

Here's an interview of Senate candidate Adam Hasner regarding what effect the Hispanic vote may have in the 2012 elections, and how to attract Hispanic votes, by Javier Manjarres for his recently-launched site, HISPOLITICA:

YouTube | HISPOLITICA |U.S. Senate Candidate Adam Hasner on the Latino Voting Block

From the article about the interview:
Hasner does not think that Republicans need to tailor a “special” message to Latinos, but rather convey a message that all law abiding citizens can relate to.  Hasner also observed that Republicans need to emphasize the point that the Republican Party is the party that believes “that our rights come from our creator, that we are strong in faith, and we are a pro-life/ pro-family party.”

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