Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Karen Diebel launches new Congressional campaign

Former Winter Park City Commissioner and Verizon Business executive Karen Diebel has thrown her hat into the ring to run for the newly-designated Congressional District 26, which will be located in the Central Florida area due to population gains in the last Census.

I was proud to be a part of Karen's 2010 campaign team and look forward to seeing her continue her fight for conservative causes in this new election.

Winter Park Mayor Ken Bradley and I were quoted in a Winter Park/Maitland Observer article about Karen's campaign:

Winter Park/Maitland Observer | Diebel's Early Bid for Congress
Former Winter Park City Commissioner Karen Diebel is already in the running for a new congressional seat that has yet to be created…

Diebel’s plan is to fill whatever new seat is added in the Central Florida area. This will be her second run at Congress in two years after narrowly losing in a Republican primary to Sandy Adams, the eventual winner of Florida’s 24th District congressional seat in 2010.

“My reasons and motivation remain the same,” Diebel said. “I think we haven’t gotten the changes right going forward. I’d like to help with that.”

Winter Park Mayor Ken Bradley congratulated her on her candidacy and said he looks forward to seeing her campaign take shape.

“She’s a good listener, very cautious and concerned about financial situations and very mindful of making sure we don’t spend money needlessly,” Bradley said. “I’d love to have her in Congress representing us.” …

Regardless of the eventual shape of the district Diebel hopes to represent, Sarah Rumpf, a former campaign consultant for Diebel, said that she’s made an important move getting into the running first. “She’s done well to establish herself as the front-runner being out there first,” Rumpf said. “It’s not a guaranteed slam dunk that you win, but it’s a big advantage.”
Here's a short video recapping Karen's 2010 campaign and her plans for the 2012 election:

YouTube | karendiebel | Karen Diebel for Congress

Additionally, I'd like clarify two points that keep confusing some members of our local media:

First, contrary to the way some have reported it, District 26 does, in fact, exist. It is a real legal political entity. True, we do not know the precise borders yet, but we don't know the borders for any Congressional districts. Right now, I live in District 8, and Dan Webster is my Congressman. District 26 exists just as much as District 8 does. When the borders are finally drawn (and the litigation is over, sigh...), then we'll know what District 26 looks like, but calling it a "nonexistent" district is silly.

Second, Karen is running for an open seat. She is not challenging Sandy Adams, Dan Webster, or any other Republican incumbent. Period. Some have noted that, theoretically speaking, there is a possibility that the lines may be drawn in a way that would result in Adams or Webster getting placed in a different District than they are now. For example, Webster's home might end up in 26 instead of 8. In that case, if Webster does not move into the new boundaries for 8, he could then run for re-election from 26, and 8 would then become the "open" seat, so Karen would run for 8. In no case will Karen be challenging a current Republican Member of Congress. Anyone who is reporting that she is considering otherwise is lying or misinformed.

For more information about Karen Diebel:

Karen Diebel campaign website
Karen Diebel on Facebook
@KarenDiebel on Twitter

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  1. Her staff last time was challenged to say the least. You will be a good addition to her campaign. I like Diebel and supported her. Her big misfire and why she did not run away with the election was her inability to be passionate and her idiotic response to the "snakes in the pool" controversy. I do not know what happened with the 9-11 calls, I suspect the kids, but she needs to clear that up before the snakes come out again.

    Another knock on her is her elitism. The $1.9 million dollar Winter Park home, the aloofness with the peasants, and what particularly bothered me was her business as usual attitude as America is burnt to the ground financially.

    I do not care about her being a snob but I cannot forgive her social security and medicaid are not a problem attitude. Really? Greece, California. It is a problem.

    She needs to get serious like Adams did when it comes to the issues and not be a talking points blather candidate. She needs to did into the Federal Reserve and LOOK at what is happening for herself. Its all there on the internet, she needs to learn where to look and what it means.

    I hope you are the campaign manager and not the last personal disaster. She needs integrity around her, not a side show.

    Kill the 9-11 controversy right off the bat. Prep up on macroeconomics. Give a fiery speech. Win.

  2. Diebel needs to be able to do research like this on national issues and not even flinch.


  3. Karen is a wonderful lady and a great conservative! We supported her last year and will do so again! Hope we are still in her district after they redistrict so we can vote for her!


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