Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ouch! American Spectator has some harsh words for Haridopolos

In an article published yesterday, Larry Thornberry at American Spectator covered the Republican primary for the 2012 Senate race in Florida:
American Spectator | A Florida Senate Primer
Thornberry notes that Adam Hasner "appears to have a lead in the race to be crowned the real and true conservative," following the Marco Rubio campaign blueprint:
In a campaign that mimics Rubio's 2010 race both in ideology and strategy, Hasner is crisscrossing the state highlighting the urgency of cutting federal spending and regulation and following a strong foreign policy based on defending America's security interests. He was the first of the candidates to endorse the Ryan plan for dealing with Medicare.
Just as Rubio's 2010 campaign attracted the support of Florida and national conservative household names, bagging almost all of them well before Election Day, Hasner so far has collected the endorsements of conservative broadcasters Monica Crowley and Mark Levin, Red State's Erick Erickson, and Pass the Balanced Budget Amendment Chairman Ken Blackwell.
The article continues, noting that it will be difficult for George LeMieux "to rid himself of the Ghost of Charlies Past," and "deal with [his] image of a Washington insider," but Thornberry's harshest words are saved for Mike Haridopolos:
...Florida conservatives sniff that Haridopolos got far less than he could have, considering the Florida Legislature is 2-1 Republican and the governor and all cabinet members are Republican. His opponents particularly like to point out that Haridopolos was unable to get any meaningful immigration legislation...

...though Haridopolos is 41 he looks 25 and sounds 16. He has a high-pitched voice that is so squeaky it sounds like his nickname should be "Sparky." He can't help this, and it's not fair. But these things might cost him a few points. If he were running for student-body president he would be perfect.

Sparky? Like the cartoon fire safety dog?

Ouch. Not the best image for someone who wants to get taken seriously as a Senate candidate.

After Haridopolos' brutal ejection from the Ray Junior Show and end of session meltdown, it may be too late to makeover his image in the minds of Republican primary voters. Having the national conservative media basically call him a kid does not help.

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  1. Haridopolos is a lightweight. It's embarrassing that he was ever elected president of the Fla Senate.


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