Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Excellent video explanation of why Israel cannot withdraw to its 1967 borders

Last month, I wrote a post about why President Obama was completely, dangerously wrong when he stated that Israel should withdraw to its 1967 borders:
Sunshine State Sarah | A historical perspective on why Obama is wrong about Israel
In the post, I discussed several history-based reasons why I so strongly disagreed with Obama, but I did not have a lot of detail about the specific geography of Israel. I've never been there and it's not my area of expertise, so I was very pleased to find this excellent video by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, which includes some amazing computer animations of Israel's borders, mountains and bodies of water, transportation corridors, etc.:

YouTube |shaharclips | outstanding Explanation: Why Israel can't withdraw to its pre '67 borders line - Please Share

I encourage you to watch this video and share it with your friends. For more info about the JCPA, click the image below:

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