Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why Marco Rubio is the most important Republican this fall

Interesting article from Mike Thomas today about Marco Rubio:

...He still talks so fast that a notepad is practically useless. One minute he is looking at me, then at something behind me, then at the flat-screen TV behind him.

He fidgets like a gifted third-grader with attention deficit disorder. So many things to think about, so little time.

The focus of his energy remains what he believes is President Barack Obama's nation-destroying agenda.

He has a blueprint for undoing the damage. He leaps from one policy initiative to the next, his internal iPod set on shuffle. One minute it is his plan to sunset government programs, the next his plan to reform education.

Saying no to Obama isn't enough, he says. Republicans need alternatives.

It is the gospel of Jeb Bush, his mentor, delivered at warp factor 5.

...There certainly is passion. The difference between Rubio and other Republicans is that he was willing to take his beliefs on a suicide mission.

It began in early 2009 when the Republican Party, both the state and national branches, did not want him in this race. Gov. Charlie Crist was a shoo-in for the Senate, and the Republicans wanted the decks cleared so they could win back their majority.

Rubio would have been given the attorney general's race as compensation. That would have set him up for his first statewide victory before age 40.

...But he would have none of it, not with Obama implementing socialism and Crist heading to Washington to aid and abet him.

Rubio was willing to lose everything for his cause. Crist would change his cause to whatever it took to win.
Well said, Mike.  That's a pretty good summary of why I enthusiastically endorsed Marco over a year ago.  We need more Republicans with specific ideas and the passion and backbone to fight for them.  

More information about Marco Rubio:

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