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Why Ladan is the best choice for Seminole County Court Judge

If you've read this blog for awhile, you probably know that I am supporting Amir Ladan for Seminole County Court Judge.  What you may not know is why.  In my opinion, he is absolutely the hands-down best choice for this position.  

As I wrote a few days ago in my endorsement of Judge Rand Wallis:
...there are two key factors a good judicial candidate should have: (1) solid legal experience that is relevant to the type of cases that particular judicial position would handle, and (2) a high standard of personal ethics and honesty.  

Especially in tough economic times, our court system is overburdened, and we do not have the luxury to give our judges the time to "wing it" and learn the law as they go.  A judge needs to hit the ground running from the first day on the bench.  
Amir Ladan has the most relevant experience for county court, has been in the courtroom almost every day of his legal career, and is the only candidate in the race who has been both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney.  He's very well-respected in the local legal community as well.  You can make all the lawyer jokes you want, but the reality is that the vast majority of lawyers are good, honest people, and more importantly, we know who the "bad eggs" are.  Amir has lots of endorsements from both prosecutors and the criminal defense bar...and you don't get both of those groups to support you unless you are known for truly being fair, honest, and ethical.  

Here is some more information about why you should vote for Ladan for Judge, in the candidate's own words (from the Orlando Sentinel's Voter Guide):


University of Miami School of Law
Coral Gables, Florida - J.D.
Member of Honor Council

University College of London
London, England
Summer Law Program

Rollins College
Winter Park, Florida - B.A. Politics
Algernon Sydney Sullivan Scholar

Lake Howell High School
Winter Park, Florida - Diploma

Tusakwilla Middle School
Oviedo, Florida


Since 1998, I have made a living practicing in courtrooms throughout Central Florida. I have made thousands of court appearances and appeared before over fifty judges in a number of Counties and in Federal Court. I have successfully tried a variety of cases from DUI to murder, and all points in between. I have earned the respect of my peers for conducting myself professionally and ethically.

Founding Partner 2001-Present
Carsten & Ladan, P.A.

I founded the firm with partner, Keith A. Carsten in 2001. While our firm focus is on criminal defense, I have handled civil litigation, small claims disputes, landlord tenant matters, contract review, business law, and a myriad other legal matters over the past decade of private practice.

Asst. State Attorney 1998 -2001
State Attorney's Office, 9th Judicial Circuit

I prosecuted cases in misdemeanor and felony courts and handled adult and juvenile dockets. I quickly ascended the ranks at the State Attorney's Office and was promoted twice within fifteen months. While at the State, I prosecuted thousands of cases ranging in severity from low level misdemeanor offenses to life felonies in both adult and juvenile court.

Attorney General’s Office,
Certified Legal Intern

I researched, wrote and successfully argued a criminal appeal heard by the 3rd District Court of Appeals in Miami, which is a published opinion. I was also involved in researching and writing other criminal appeals for the AG's office.


[check out for current list]


A Call to Service
Many Americans are drawn to serve their country. For some, the call to service takes the most literal form, as service men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces. For others that call comes in a different form.

For me, the call began well before applying to law school. What drove me to be a lawyer was the notion that “Equal Justice Under The Law” is not a mere concept, but is tangible; a breathing, living right fundamental to our way of life and to the defense of our Democracy. Furthermore, I believe an independent judiciary is vital to defending, preserving and strengthening our Democracy and ensuring there is, in fact, equal justice under the law.

Integrity / Honor / Character
When the judiciary fails to conduct itself in a way that honors the law and respects those that appear before it, it does more than impugn the institution of law, it violates the public trust. Judges hold a place of special esteem in our society. They are the embodiment of the checks and balances inherent in our government which safeguard and ensure that no branch of government overstep its bounds. I pledge to uphold the integrity of the court and the letter of the law.

Since 1998, I have spent the majority of my professional life in and around courtrooms. I believe the experience I have gained before the bench translates into a more complete understanding of the law, the skills and the professionalism required to be a firm yet fair judge behind the bench.


Why should voters choose you?

I have the most practical, hands-on experience of any of the candidates. I am the only candidate in this race that has experience as both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney. No other candidate has my breadth or depth of experience in dealing with the exact type of legal issues that I would preside over in this position.

To fully appreciate my qualifications, consider this: the County Court Judge for Group 5 handles a docket consisting of four areas of law: 1) Misdemeanors; 2) Domestic Violence Injunctions; 3) Traffic Citations and 4) Small Claims. 95% of the docket is made up of the 1st three.

I have handled criminal matters, civil citations and domestic cases since 1998. I am the only candidate who has appeared in court nearly every day of my entire legal career. I have appeared in court thousands of times and I have personally tried numerous jury trials. Since starting my firm nearly a decade ago, I have handled civil litigation, small claims disputes, landlord tenant matters, contracts, business law and a myriad other legal matters.

I have a proven track record of being an excellent prosecutor. I have earned the respect of prosecutors, judges and attorneys alike as a result of my integrity and my conduct. While I maintain that I am the most qualified candidate to handle the work of a county court judge, I encourage you to consider what my colleagues say on my website's testimonials page.

“Amir Ladan is an attorney and a man of integrity, courage, and caring. I have known Amir for many years, and have always held him in the greatest respect. He has an excellent command of the law and more importantly, of justice. I admire him for his entrepreneurial spirit and courage, his legal skills, and his quality as a person. He will tirelessly and without reservation come to the aid of his friends and others in need. I trust Amir to act with diligence and fairness, whatever the needs. He is my first call for any defense needs or questions I have, as well as a valuable source of personal, professional, and ethical advice. I am proud to recommend Amir.”
--Matthew Gibbons, Contracts Manager / Siemens Energy

“I am proud to endorse and recommend Amir Ladan for Seminole County Judge. I have known Amir all of my professional life and there simply is no one more honorable, ethical and committed to the practice of law. I have no doubt that he will do honor to the bench. “
--Jason Herman, Founding Partner / Southern Trial Counsel


Political advertisement paid for and approved by A.A. Ladan for Seminole County Court Judge - Group 5

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