Monday, August 16, 2010

Craig Miller...yep, he's pro-amnesty.

There's flip-flopping on an issue, and then there's being a liar-liar-pants-on-fire.

At this rate, Craig Miller's campaign is going to have to hire someone to follow him around with a fire extinguisher aimed at his tuchus all day long.  

Miller has spent the past few claiming that he's really, really, tough on immigration, really, he promises, just please ignore all the lobbying work he did for the restaurant industry, oh and don't read that op-ed he wrote in 2006, and please forget how he joked about hiring illegal workers at an OCREC meeting just a few months ago, why don't you just look at his Facebook page and take his word for it?  Oh wait.  That didn't work either.

Now, even more information is popping up about Miller's long history of being pro-amnesty.  From Karen Diebel's campaign today:

La Raza President Praised Miller's Immigration Reform Efforts
 Says Issue a "Win-Win" for La Raza and Miller's Organization

 Craig Miller is pictured above with Janet Murguia, President of La Raza, one of the most radical pro-immigration groups in the country. The organization rejects the notion that "chicanos" should assimilate into the American melting pot. "La Raza" is Spanish or "The Race" and their motto is "For the race, everything. Outside the race, nothing." 
New questions arise about exactly how forthcoming Craig Miller has been about his position on illegal immigration.

For years, he was a DC insider lobbying against the Secure Fence Act, Border Protection, Anti-Terrorism & Illegal Immigration Control Act, and for a liberal guest worker program which granted amnesty. We also knew about his 2006 editorial, where he strongly defended his pro-amnesty record.

Now, as Miller wants us to believe he is a secure borders candidate, we find that he was openly working with one of the most radical groups in the country. Addressing the National Restaurant Association when Miller was Chairman, Janet Murguia, the President of La Raza, praised Miller for working with her on "immigration reform."

What will we find out about Miller next?

Much of this would have been put to rest had Miller announced at the beginning of his campaign a sincere change of heart on the immigration issue.

Instead, Miller waited until Karen Diebel was endorsed by Team America PAC and Congressman Tom Tancredo. The day after his record was revealed, Miller and his team scrambled and added the immigration issue to their website. Make no mistake - Miller's newly developed position is just pure politics from a long-time pro-amnesty insider.

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