Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Even Fred Brummer endorses Teresa Jacobs

From the Sentinel blogs today:

Orange County Commissioner Fred Brummer had plenty of run-ins with fellow Republican Teresa Jacobs when the two served on the same board for a couple years, even once issuing a terse memo that asked her to stop chatting on her cell phone while she sat next to him.
Now Brummer says Jacobs is the best candidate in the county mayor’s race.  Why such a stunner? This is the same man who muttered two years ago, “Thank God,” when Jacobs pointed out that she was about to leave office.
“It’s a real oil and water situation, and I don’t know how you put that aside,” Brummer said of his own “personal issues” with Jacobs. “But you have to face facts: she’s the most qualified candidate in the race.”
It’s no surprise the Apopka Republican would not side with his Democratic colleagues: Linda Stewart and Bill Segal. But the other Republican in the race, Matthew Falconer, makes “wild promises he can never keep” Brummer said, such as  delivering a toll increase repeal, or suggesting sports and arts venues paid for with tourist taxes means less teachers, when currently, those hotel taxes can’t be legally spent on schools.
A stunner indeed.  Fred and Teresa have never been BFFs, so Matty must have really ticked him off.  Falconer should have done some better research on what people in the Apopka area actually thought about the Wekiva Parkway before calling it a "Road to Nowhere."  Oh wait, silly me, Matt Falconer never checks his facts before shooting his mouth off, why would he do that for Apopka?

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