Monday, August 2, 2010

Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile

...and the Orlando Sentinel gets an endorsement right every once in awhile too...

The Orlando Sentinel published a glowing endorsement of Teresa Jacobs for Orange County Mayor this morning, calling her "the best-equipped candidate to take on [Orange County's] challenges as the next mayor" and "[c]reative and courageous, with a budget director's mind and an environmentalist's heart."  
In two terms as county commissioner, Ms. Jacobs pushed Orange County to confront its campaign-finance and ethics shortcomings. She blew the whistle on the county's plans to meet its water needs by drawing from rivers and lakes. And she wisely made sure that if money was tight the popular performing arts center would rise before the Citrus Bowl got upgraded.

As mayor, she'd spare no departments in her pursuit of efficiency (other candidates tremble at trimming public safety departments, but Ms. Jacobs astutely notes a recent decline in prisoners might mean the county needs fewer jail guards); she'd quickly invite other governments to join Orange to consider how they jointly could deliver services more economically; and she'd work to make the county an economic hub for green technology.

She supports Lynx and the coming passenger trains, but would fight to reform the murky bidding and ethics practices at the region's road-building and airport authorities....

Orange County needs Ms. Jacobs' smarts, her savvy and her principles. We endorse her for mayor.
The Sentinel also wisely saw through Matthew Falconer's unachievable and unrealistic ideas, stating that he "would be a detriment to the county and the region." 

Read the entire editorial here (there is also a link to the video of Teresa Jacobs' interview with the Sentinel editorial board).

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