Thursday, August 19, 2010

Complaint to be filed against Matthew Falconer

I'll add some more comments and thoughts on this later...but today I'm filing a complaint with the Florida Elections Commission against Matthew Falconer.  It's a large file with multiple attachments, and I don't want to slow down this site too much, so if you want to view the documents, please go to my Scribd site here, or just directly to the attachment explaining the alleged violations here.

Short story is that Falconer has viciously and maliciously lied about Teresa Jacobs and her record, and repeatedly failed to comply with even the most basic election law and campaign finance regulations.  I honestly got tired of searching for violations because there were just so darn many.  At some point in my search, I decided I had killed enough trees and had already racked up a high enough postage bill for the documents I had found so far.  Just to illustrate how extensive Falconer's disregard for the elections laws seems to be, I have yet to find a single example of Falconer sending out a campaign fundraising invite where he included the correct disclaimers and other statutorily required language.

Some of this may sound like small potatoes but, in my opinion, the sheer number of the violations shows Falconer's complete and utter disregard for the law.  If you want to run for office, it is your responsibility to learn the election laws and regulations and comply with them.  Matthew Falconer is not special - he has to follow the same rules as everyone else.  

Falconer has already shown his arrogant disregard for other people's property rights and willingness to misrepresent facts and figures in his desperate quest for elected office.  In my complaint, I describe just a small sample of his dishonesty and disregard for our election laws.       

And finally, I am not working for Teresa Jacobs or her campaign and they have not paid me for filing this complaint.   Pointing out Matt Falconer's many misrepresentations and contradictions is just a fun little hobby of mine.  As I've told Falconer and his supporters many, many times, I don't like liars, and I really don't like liars who hang on to their lies and refuse to apologize or correct the record.  I am filing this complaint for the very simple reason that I think Matt Falconer has no business anywhere near elected office and as a life-long Floridian and native Orange County resident, I want the only the best for our elected representatives.  

If you don't like Matt Falconer's lies and ugly campaign tactics, why not give some money to Teresa Jacobs?  Today is the last day for donations before the primary - you have until midnight tonight.  And don't forget to vote!  Early voting goes through Saturday and the election is August 24th.

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  1. Sarah we saw you on the Fox 35 report. Good for you for fighting for Teresa Jacobs. Matt Falconer needs to stop making up stuff.


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