Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fun with campaign logos

Here's something fun...

I noticed a few months ago that Bill Segal, running for Orange County Mayor, had changed his yard sign logo from a traditional red, white, and blue patriotic look to a more casual green and blue logo where the "Bill" looks like a handwritten signature.  

Normally campaigns try to stay consistent in their logos and color schemes throughout an election cycle, but the red-white-blue look is extremely popular, for obvious reasons, so it's not that weird that the Segal campaign would decide to shift to a more distinctive look.  

Well, apparently Segal's new logo looks a lot like the logo for one of his opponents, Linda Stewart.  Someone associated with the campaign released this:

(click on image to enlarge)

See the Orlando Sentinel's comments here:


  1. Give him a few more days, he'll change his name to Billinda!


  2. Just noticed same driving down S. Orange Av.
    Of course, I had 3 different signs!


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