Friday, August 27, 2010

New web ad from Marco Rubio: Who Cares?

Hat tip to SaintPetersblog:
The moment Charlie Crist said “Who cares?” when talking about who he will caucus with, I cringed in disgust. I guess Charlie really doesn’t care that, in a nutshell, the fate of the free world depends on who wins Florida’s US Senate seat, at least that is what Nate Silver implies in his new projections that show Democratic control of the United States Senate will rely on whether Crist wins and if he will caucus with the Democrats.
In other words, Charlie, there’s a lot of people who care about which party you caucus with.

"Who cares," Charlie?  "Who cares?!?!"

The people of Florida care, that's who.
I've said it before, I'll say it again: any Republican who still thinks they can trust Charlie Crist needs to get their head checked.  And any Democrat who thinks he'll be loyal to their causes needs to do the same.  

Charlie Crist is looking out for Charlie Crist, period.  He is on your side only as long as the wind is blowing your way and your checkbook is out.

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