Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Judge Rand Wallis gets a thumbs up from me

The judicial races are an enigma to many people.  Part of the reason for that is the many extra rules that govern judicial races.  Candidates are required to run without party affiliation, and they can't discuss how they might rule on certain cases or even talk about certain political beliefs.  It can sometimes be hard to figure out how to even start to evaluate a judicial candidate.

In my opinion, there are two key factors a good judicial candidate should have: (1) solid legal experience that is relevant to the type of cases that particular judicial position would handle, and (2) a high standard of personal ethics and honesty.  

Especially in tough economic times, our court system is overburdened, and we do not have the luxury to give our judges the time to "wing it" and learn the law as they go.  A judge needs to hit the ground running from the first day on the bench.  

I have had the privilege of meeting Judge Rand Wallis this year as I have traveled around Central Florida helping several of my candidates.  He is a gracious, patient, intelligent and kind man and has earned his excellent reputation in the local legal community.  I endorse him enthusiastically and encourage you to check out his campaign and consider supporting him as well.  

Judge Rand Wallis
For more information, check out the official Judge Rand Wallis campaign website.

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