Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seriously, who the heck are these Republicans who are still supporting Charlie?

It just makes no sense to me how the heck anyone can claim to be a Republican AND a Charlie Crist supporter.  It's beyond his abandonment of the party.  The selfish political pandering, the flipflopping on so many issues, his rejection of core conservative principles, all should make it impossible for any principled conservative to support him any longer.

Mary Ellen Klas, Tallahassee Bureau Chief for the Miami Herald, posted on her twitter account this weekend:
A picture speaks volumes - Crist fan, as spotted in a Sarasota parking lot.

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  1. My Republican State Senator Thad Altman for one.
    I'm not sure why he gets a pass.
    Marco should campaign for Altman's primary opponent.
    Make Altman pay a price.


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