Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ladan for Judge team goes amphibious

Our Team Ladan tour of Seminole County Fourth of July celebrations continues...

Yesterday we walked in the Geneva Parade, and went to Red, Hot & Boom in Altamonte Springs. Today we were at the Oviedo celebration earlier and now we are at Winter Springs and Sanford. 

We've passed out a bazillion balloons and fans, seen some amazing fireworks, and met a lot of wonderful Seminole County residents. The photo above is of our candidate and a friend in Winter Springs before the last patch of rain blew through.

We've gotten drenched pretty much everywhere we've gone this weekend. The rain isn't dampening our spirits, though, and we are looking forward to the August 24th elections!

Political advertisement paid for and approved by A.A. Ladan, nonpartisan, for Seminole County - Group 5.

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