Sunday, July 25, 2010

Matthew Falconer shows his belligerent ignorance, AGAIN

If you haven't already seen this on the Sentinel's blog, it's a must-read:

Orange County mayoral candidate Matthew Falconer gets accused of playing with numbers and facts by his opponents, but this time he’s tangled with Comptroller Martha Haynie and what she said is the financial reputation of the government he wants to run.
Haynie is Orange’s fiscal watchdog, so she didn’t just hit delete when she saw Falconer claim in a recent email ad: “Just this week the credit rating of the bonds for Orange County were downgraded because of ‘too much debt.’”
“My office checked directly with the rating agencies after I saw this message, and confirmed that no debt issued by Orange County government has been downgraded,” Haynie said in a statement issued late today. “Our citizens are not well served when misleading information is disseminated in campaign messages. Mr. Falconer owes it to voters to check his facts before sending out inaccurate and potentially damaging statements.”
Falconer could not be immediately reached by phone or email, but later sent a copy of a down-grade notice on bonds issued by the Orlando-Orange County Expressway — which was apparently sent to him by Haynie’s office . Haynie’s top deputy asked Falconer to correct this distinction. The toll authority is a state entity, and not a part of county government. Falconer did not indicate right away whether he planned to issue any such clarification.
Falconer "did not indicate" whether he planned to issue a clarification?  Ha.  Of course not.  I have yet to see a single example where Falconer corrects any of the mistakes, misrepresentations, errors, or outright lies that he's been spouting since he decided to run for Orange County Mayor.  Regarding his despicable lies about Teresa Jacobs, calling her a lobbyist and misrepresenting about her voting record, after he was confronted multiple times about it, he just deleted a few statements from his websites.  Never issued a correction, never apologized, never admitted he was wrong.

This is just the latest example of Falconer not wanting to take the time to learn the facts, rushing to judgment, spouting out some soundbite campaign slogan, and refusing to apologize or correct his errors afterward.  This is a guy who wants to have the highest elected office in Orange County, and he doesn't even understand which government agency controls our Expressway Authority?         

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