Monday, July 5, 2010

Testimony about Elena Kagan's disgraceful treatment of our military at Harvard

I didn't watch all the testimony in the hearings regarding Elena Kagan's nomination for the Supreme Court, so I missed this.  Please watch and join me in disbelief, annoyance, and anger that Ms. Kagan thinks this is an acceptable way to treat our military.  Captain Hegseth should be commended for managing to remain calm and dignified.  I think I would have been spitting and throwing things.  (Special note to my Mom, who reads this blog: I am just kidding.  A little hyperbole for a Monday.  Do not worry, your daughter has no plans to go throw things at Congress, no matter how much they might deserve it.)

I personally do not believe that Ms. Kagan is qualified to serve on our nation's highest court, and is only up for appointment because she shares Obama's radical politics.

Captain Pete Hegseth Testifies about Kagan's Treatment of the Military at Harvard

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