Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New movement to draft Sarah Palin as RNC Chair

Saw this post on BigGovernment over the weekend:

Yes, we now have an online petition and a blog devoted solely to the idea of drafting Palin as Chair of the Republican Party:

...the answer can only be Sarah Palin. Why? Notwithstanding the reasons we have outlined here and here, it is because she will raise more money and command more control over the media narrative than ANY other Republican in the field. Seating Sarah would also set the Progressive-Democrats on their heels, forcing them to ratchet up their vile PR smear campaigns.

The problem for the Progressive smear machine, and they know it, is that the jig is up. More and more Americans are becoming aware of the Alinksy song and dance the Progressives have been running. Their charges of racism and labels of stupid and evil grow less and less effective every day.

The advantage for the Right is that the Progressives have no other strategy than to go vicious, so the Left will likely double down on the tactic. Doing so will only expose them as hypocrites when it comes to their claim of righteously elevating the narrative above cheap personal attacks, and working to solve our nation’s problems. 

Who more than Sarah Palin can inspire the Left to so publicly display their ugliness and contempt for American civility?
What do you think? Crazy idea, or so crazy it just might work?

At minimum, I think I can definitely agree that Michael Steele has unfortunately been a big, hot mess lately, and under the right circumstances, I would definitely support finding a way for Steele to make a grateful exit before we get much closer to the crucial midterm elections.

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