Friday, July 23, 2010

New Endorsements: Kurt Kelly, Greg Reynolds, and Becky Erwin

I've decided to endorse three more candidates in local races.  For a complete list of my endorsements, check out the "Endorsements" tab at the top of this page or click here.

Becky Erwin 
Seminole County School Board, District 5

I've had the opportunity to meet Becky several times through my work for another great Seminole County candidate (note: none of my endorsed candidates should be implied as endorsing each other or anyone else) and have been very impressed with her.  Becky and her team of supporters have been out in the community working hard and building some great grassroots support.  She is very sincere in her enthusiasm and dedication to Seminole County Public Schools and I believe she is running for all the right reasons. 

For more information about Becky Erwin:
Greg Reynolds 
Florida House District 36

I first met Greg several years ago, when we were both on a host committee at a young professionals event for Eric Eisnaugle during Eric's first run for office.  Greg is a lifelong Central Florida resident, and an amazing six generations of his family have made Florida their home.  He has an excellent record as a community and business leader and cares very much about his hometown.  District 36 is a tough race for a Republican to win, but I strongly believe Greg is our best chance to win back this seat.

District 36 includes parts of College Park, where I grew up, and Downtown Orlando, where I have lived as well, where my family goes to church, and where I've worked.  I know the district well and believe Greg Reynolds would be a great representative for the community.

For more information about Greg Reynolds:

Kurt Kelly 
Congress (Florida District 8)

I took my time making a decision on this race.  I live in District 8, and it embarrasses the heck out of me that Alan Grayson is my representative in Congress.  Part of the reason I waited so long to make an endorsement is I wanted to wait and see which candidates really were capable of knocking out Grayson, a multimillionaire and darling of liberal nuts across the internet.  

Kurt Kelly has impressed me from the beginning and has always been on my "short list."  He has a solid conservative record from his time in the Florida House, he's warm and sincere, but also not afraid to discuss tough issues or directly attack Grayson and the Democrats controlling Washington.  Kurt has put together an amazing grassroots network.  A lot of my Young Republican friends have been long time supporters of Kelly and every HobNob I've attended lately always has a noticeable group of Team Kelly people running around in those bright green shirts.  Kelly has has been consistent and solid with his fundraising and won a string of straw polls with respectable margins.

I believe the Orlando Sentinel made a mistake in their endorsement of Dan Webster.  Don't get me wrong, I like Webster, I have a lot of respect for his accomplishments and record in the Legislature, but the Editorial Board's dismissal of Kelly for Webster seems to rest solely on Webster being more "experienced."  Hogwash.  OK, Webster has more years in the Legislature than Kelly, but that doesn't automatically mean that he would be a better choice for Congress than Kurt Kelly.  That's like saying "Mrs. Smith has been teaching for 20 years, and Mrs. Brown has been teaching for 10 years, so Mrs. Smith is a better teacher than Mrs. Brown."  Ummm, no, that's not how it works. 

Just because one person has a few more years working at a job, doesn't necessarily mean that person is "better."  Neither Webster nor Kelly are political rookies, and Kelly actually has broader experience than Webster, having worked in the private sector as well as spending many years working for conservative causes outside of elected office.  I understand the current popularity of opposing "career politicians," but experience in government should be viewed as an asset.  And Kurt Kelly is far from a career politician, having first been elected to the House in 2008.

Regarding the other candidates in District 8, Bruce O'Donoghue and Todd Long  have both shown strong conservative credentials and a willingness to go after Alan Grayson's jugular, and they've earned my respect for that.  Patricia Sullivan strikes me as very sincere and her grassroots volunteers are an impressive hardworking bunch, but her inability to make significant fundraising progress makes me hesitate.  District 8 is large and an expensive media market; taking on Alan Grayson will require a strong candidate and a pile of money.  It might not be fair, but it's reality.  I hope Sullivan considers running for office again after this - she'd be great in the Florida Legislature - because I think she has a lot to offer, and she's young enough to run for Congress again later.

Webster, O'Donoghue, Long, and Sullivan are all good conservatives but when I look at the big picture, Kurt Kelly is simply the best candidate across the board, and the best chance for the Republicans to beat Alan Grayson.  

On August 24th, I will be voting for Kurt Kelly.  If you live in District 8, I encourage you to do the same.

For more information about Kurt Kelly:


  1. You've chosen...wisely

  2. What a wise choice! This is also one of the most eloquent reasons i have seen as to see why someone is voting for a certain candidate. You could not have said it any better. I am very glad that you realize that Kurt Kelly is the best choice to run against Grayson! I hope that a plurality of our fellow district 8 residents can also realize that Kurt is our best chance to defeat Alan Grayson.

  3. Thank you. I am happy with my endorsement and heard back some nice words of appreciation from Kurt Kelly today. He's a great guy and I am looking forward to voting for him!

  4. I am also looking forward to voting for Kurt Kelly. Got a nice mailer from him today. It looks like he's gunning for Grayson.

  5. Interesting Endorsement to come out by Sara Rumpf at this time since she has been working on Kelly's campaign since early on. I wonder why now you come out with your endorsement and why not when you first joined on?

  6. Ha! Mr. Anonymous, you're FUNNY.

    I am not working for the Kelly campaign. I have never worked for the Kelly campaign. I have not received any offer to work for the Kelly campaign.

    Campaign finance reports are public record. If I was working for Kelly, it would be disclosed.

  7. ...and just to clarify, I have not walked or done any phone banking for Kelly. In fact, I have done no work, paid or volunteer, for ANY of the District 8 candidates, except to promote the Republican slate in general.

    Nothing has been going on except my honest and earnest work to investigate these candidates and make a decision. I have taken my time over these past few months to study the candidates, their records and experience, their campaigns. After all that, I've been able to make my decision.

    My schedule is pretty crazy right now with the primary election less than a month away, but if I have time to actively help Kurt Kelly, I will.


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