Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Best Typo EVER

As most of you know, there are several lawsuits between the Florida Tea Party Fake Tea Party, Doug Guetzloe, and some people involved with the actual tea party movement.  

Last week, the mediator assigned to the South Florida Tea Party litigation issued a Notice of Mediation Hearing, directing the parties and their attorneys to attend a mediation conference on September 20, 2010.  For my non-lawyer readers, this is basically a settlement conference conducted outside the courtroom, with the mediator acting as "referee" and trying to encourage the parties to settle the case.  

Anyway, this is all fairly standard civil litigation procedure (most judges require the parties to attempt mediation at least once before agreeing to set a case for trial), except for an absolutely delicious little typo in the caption:

"Dough" Guetzloe?  Awesome.  I've heard a number of people refer to ol' Dougie as a doughboy, but I guess it's legally official now.  ;)

Is Doughboy a fair nickname for Guetzloe?  Judge for yourself:

That's a pretty old picture.  Doughboy looked a little rounder last time I saw him.  You can see him in some videos from last month here.

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