Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just when I think Matthew Falconer can't possibly be any more obnoxious...

...he manages to exceed all my expectations.  The sheer arrogance and ugliness coming from this guy on a daily basis never ceases to shock and amaze me.

I went to the Apopka Chamber HobNob tonight, and of course Matt Falconer was there, passing out his little business cards and calling all his opponents career politicians, blah blah blah.  Regular readers of this blog know there is no love lost between me and Falconer.  I think he's completely unqualified for the office of Orange County Mayor, and that he's an arrogant, dishonest jerk.  Oh, and a bad speller.

Anyway, I stirred up quite a kerfuffle with this post after one of Falconer's supporters called me and said an ugly little pile of antisemitic things.  One of my motivations in going public with the conversation is my own personal distaste for antisemitism in all its forms, based on my knowledge of history.  

As I wrote on July 20th,
Hitler didn't start out saying that he wanted to round up and kill several million Jewish people.  The early Nazi propaganda was much more subtle, suggesting that the Jews were unfairly controlling the financial system, that they were conspiring together to gain illicit advantages, and that it was hurting the German people....[I] believe that saying that a group of people are helping each other out because they're all Jewish and insinuating there's something nefarious about a form of antisemitism.
OK, so now to the latest stupid, ugly thing from Camp Falconer...immediately after tonight's hobnob, I was chatting in the parking lot with a few people I know who are Teresa Jacobs supporters.  One of them mentioned something about Falconer talking to him about Teresa and asking if she was Jewish.  This person has not read my website (shocking, I know, right?!  haha) and at first didn't understand why some of the other people in the group laughed and mentioned "Sunshine State Sarah!"  

Anyway, the person asked that I not use their name, but gave me permission to report on the conversation here (after I explained that I really did have a blog and golly gee he should be reading it!  Lots of good snarky fun here at Sunshine State Sarah!).  I asked him to tell me exactly what was said and repeated it back to him several times.  He is absolutely, 100% positive that he heard Falconer clearly and correctly and this is exactly what was said:
Falconer asked him if Teresa was Jewish.  

He told Falconer, no she's not, she's Catholic.

Falconer responded, "Oh, she's not Jewish?  She looks Jewish."
What.  The.  F***.

Mr. Falconer, if you can't see the bigotry in your words, then I don't know what, short of a kick to the head, could possibly shake the stupid out of you.  

Oh, and for the record, just to clear up another lie that Falconer was trying to spread around tonight...Teresa did not "buy extra tickets to buy votes" at the HobNob tonight.  It was some of the Republican Congressional campaigns that bought extra tickets.  I know because I was given one.  Yes, I voted twice at tonight's HobNob.  It's not illegal or unethical.  It's a private club holding a straw poll and if their rules allow it, then that's how it works. 

What tonight's HobNob shows is that the active long-term grassroots Republicans (that's who is involved with the Congressional campaigns enough that they would be offered a ticket) like Teresa Jacobs and don't believe Falconer's lies and nasty attacks.  We're smarter than that.  Oh, and I confirmed with Teresa's campaign manager: they did not buy extra tickets for the Winter Park HobNob either.  Too bad for Matty.

I wrote down the results from some of the races tonight.  (I've done my best here, but they read the numbers pretty quickly so if I've made a mistake on the exact percentages, please let me know and I'll correct it.) Teresa Jacobs put a lovely smackdown on Falconer, beating him by more than 2-to-1:
Teresa Jacobs: 51.0%
Bill Segal: 23.1%
Matthew Falconer: 21.0%
Linda Stewart: 4.9%
Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, see these numbers as the result on August 24th, Tuesday night!


  1. Great! Teresa is the best choice for Orange County mayor! Matt Falconer is inexperienced and has no idea what the functions of county government are.
    Do you know the numbers from the District 8 race?

  2. Another victory for Kurt Kelly!

    My handwriting is a mess on my notes on this race, but I'm positive it was Kelly first, then Webster. I didn't get all the figures on this one, hard to hear because I was standing near some happy Team Kelly folks :)'s what I've got...(again, anyone has corrections on this, please post a comment)

    Kelly 31.9%
    Webster 22.9%
    Grayson 15.3%
    Dunmire 8.7%
    Fanelli 8.3%

    O'Donoghue, Sullivan and Long also received a few votes but I didn't get exact numbers. Kelly, Dunmire, and Fanelli were at the HobNob. I don't think Webster was there, but I got there at 6 pm (event started at 5:30 pm). I'll try to find out if he stopped by early.

  3. I got in at about 5:20 (I thought it started at 5:00 and that's probably when they did open the doors) and I never saw Dan Webster. Also, the MC never gave the numbers for anyone after Dan Fanelli; he just said their names. The percentages you gave for both races are exactly as I remember them.

  4. Miss Rumpf -
    With all due respect, I think it is quite legitimate to ask if Teresa jacobs is Jewish. You see, the Jewish community of the U.S. is VERY SOCIALIST (read the tenants of the School of Frankfurt; in fact, it was their behind the scene doings that delivered the White House to Barak Obama, a man I call the first POST-WESTERN president of the United States. The Jewish community is ALWAYS pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro immigration, and other pros that have been very damaging to this naiton and Western values, even though they are very productive members of our society.

    BTW, I am still thinking who should get my vote and Teresa is high on my list, unless she is pro-abortion. At that point, I will no longer vote for her.

  5. To the anonymous poster above:

    No, I think the legitimate question, and the one you actually want to ask, is "what are Teresa Jacobs' political beliefs?"

    The majority of Jewish people in the U.S. are registered Democrats. Same with blacks and Hispanics. But that does not mean that one can assume immediately upon hearing that someone is Jewish or whatever, that they are a liberal.

    I have attended a few events held by the Republican Jewish Coalition, a great group. The members are very serious about conservative principles.

    Similarly, I urge you to check out the National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of All Colors (

    Now, back to Teresa Jacobs, she is Catholic, a proud mother of four children, and pro-life. Matthew Falconer has been sending out robocalls and mail with blatant lies claiming that Teresa is pro-abortion, but that is a flat-out lie.


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