Friday, July 2, 2010

Fake Tea Party starting to fall apart

Oh, this just makes me smile...

The Florida Tea Party Fake Tea Party has been having a rough time lately.  Doug Guetzloe's long-running relationship with Alan Grayson has been highlighted, WKMG Local 6 exposed several financial connections between Grayson, Guetzloe, and the Fake Tea Party, Guetzloe's radio program was canceled, and then Guetzloe, Fred O'Neal and several of their FTP candidates and operatives got into an embarrassing altercation at a recent press conference held by local tea party movement activists.

Now, this week, several of the FTP candidates for legislative seats withdrew from their races. Then, on Wednesday, Nick Egoroff publicly resigned as the party's Communications Director, and disassociated with the party altogether.  Egoroff and Guetzloe have been described by many as "thick as thieves" for several years, even to the point of both of them getting excommunicated from the Orange County Republican Executive Committee last year.  Time will tell whether this resignation is truly sincere, or some type of bizarre attempt at distraction, but in my personal opinion, I've never detected in Nick Egoroff the stench of scheming and corruption that always seems to follow after Guetzloe and O'Neal.

Keep up the good work, everyone.  There are many, many people working hard to keep shining a bright light on Doug Guetzloe, Fred O'Neal, the Fake Tea Party, and their nefarious activities, and we must not let up in the months to come.  Remember, cockroaches always flee from the light...


  1. Great news! None of the Republican state representative candidates will have any trouble getting elected I'm sure--even the non-incumbents.

  2. I firmly believe that Nick Egoroff is sincere and this isn't some distraction scheme.


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