Saturday, November 12, 2011

#OccupyDenver vs. #BlogCon11: Now With Riot Police!

The Occupy Denver gang is at it again today. If you missed my post yesterday, I posted a lot of great photos, videos, and links about the defective hippies and how they wilted under our superior logic and vicious sarcasm.

I do want to take a moment and say a very loud and grateful "thank you" to the Denver Police Department, who have done an excellent job keeping us safe at our conference. Contrast that with the inexcusable inaction by the District of Columbia Police during Americans for Prosperity's Defending the Dream Summit last week - the AFP staffers called 911 several times when the Occupy DC protesters were literally trying to storm the convention center. The Denver PD have been absolutely wonderful and their presence at the hotel has been very reassuring.

Unfortunately, it seems that Occupy Denver has gone from relatively harmless silliness like electing a dog named Shelby as their leader to following the trend of Occupy DC and other Occupy groups that have turned violent.

We noticed earlier in the day that about a dozen Denver PD officers were gathering in riot gear in front of our hotel, and it's a good thing that they had the protective gear on, because there was a ugly clash at the Denver Civic Center earlier today, as the Denver Post is reporting:

Denver Post | Occupy Denver protesters, law enforcement officers clash; 20 arrested

See also: Photos: Occupy Denver protesters clash with police | Denver Post Media Center — Denver, Colorado, Photos and Video

[UPDATE: Oops, sorry. That's a Denver Post article from a few weeks ago. But the police looked the same in their riot gear today, and we're getting reports that it was a similar scene today. My bad...I would have thought that getting cleared out with pepper spray once would have been enough! But here they are again today...]

Rick Moran at American Thinker has some good comments:

American Thinker | Occupy Denver protesters riot; 20 arrested

Here's more commentary from the blogosphere:

Big Government | Kurt Schlichter | Lessons from the Battle of BlogCon 2011: The Occupiers Deserve Derision

Ace of Spades | Draaama: Dirty, Filthy Occupiers Just Showed Up to Crash BlogCon

Nice Deb | Video: #OccupyDenver Moonbats Invade #BlogCon11

IMAO: Crowder Assaulted!

DaTechGuy | Mr. DaTechGuy & BlogCon Meets the Occupy Denver Movement

DaTechGuy | Occupy Denver vs. BlogCon Round 3: OccupyFail Squared!

The Other McCain | #BlogCon11 Braced For The Charge Of The Intellectual Lightweight Brigade

The Sundries Shack | Why You Should Not Bring Rookies to an Activist Fight

Yesterday's Denver Post article about how Occupy Denver tried to invade our conference:

Denver Post | Occupy Denver protesters try twice to disrupt conservative blogger conference

And here's Shelby!

Photo by Emily Zanotti

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