Friday, November 11, 2011

VIDEO: Occupy Denver Tries to Occupy #BlogCon11, Gets Smacked Down by Vicious Sarcasm

I am really starting to lose faith in the hippies of my generation. Last year, I wrote about how some "defective hippies" tried to protest a rally for now-Congressman then-candidate Dan Webster but weren't organized enough to show up on time.

Well, I'm in Denver at BlogCon and the Occupy Denver folks decided to come and protest our conference. Of course, they weren't very smart: they announced on Twitter that they were having a "surprise march" on our conference, somehow failing to understand that a room full of bloggers has access to the internet too. I'll grant them this: unlike the goons that Grayson sent after us last year, Occupy Denver didn't just show up on time, they were early.

Hey @OccupyDenver, it's not a "surprise" march if we know you're coming. #duh #blogcon11Fri Nov 11 16:38:44 via Tweet Button

Sometime after 4:00 pm local time here in Denver, about a dozen or so of them came to the hotel where our conference is being held and attempted to break into the room...

...and hilarity ensued...

You may recognize Stephen Kruiser in the middle of the crowd, having a grand old time, and then Steven Crowder getting shoved by some belligerent woman. We had fun turning the Occupy Wall Street habit of "mike check" chants back at favorite is when we chanted "I am John Galt," and got...crickets from the Occupiers. Guess they don't read many books? (Or watch movies, for that matter.)

All in all, the Occupy Denver people really did a terrible job planning their little protest. They showed up with barely a dozen people to take on about ten times as many conservative bloggers, who were armed with cameras, video equipment, and vicious sarcasm. They really didn't stand a chance. Sigh...more defective hippies.

So, after all the excitement, we shared a few laughs, compared photos, videos, and snarky tweets, and then headed back into the conference.

The Occupy Denver people didn't fare so well:

Photo by John Hawkins of Right Wing News

UPDATE: Here's more video, including showing the scene outside the hotel and the arrest.

UPDATE II: Here's The Shark Tank's take on the protest, plus a priceless photo:

Effective protest FAIL.
And Javier's video of the arrest:

UPDATE III: More video:

UPDATE IV: John Hawkins' post over at Right Wing News:

UPDATE VI: Post by Warner Todd Huston, with an absolutely hysterical title and more great photos:

UPDATE VII: OK, here's some more links for your enjoyment:

UPDATE VIII: I love this description of the futility of the Occupiers' protest:

The Occupy Denver kiddies got wind of the conference and naturally have to protest it. Because, you know — well, because, uh, KOCH BROTHERS RACISM HATE HATE HATE! Plus, you want to stop anti-Semitism, which is like, a violation of free speech and assembly for Nazis and anti-Zionist intifada champions! Or some such. 
Hundreds of bloggers with video-capable phones, and these morons decide we’re to be the target of their disjointed, intellectually scattershot “protests”? 
That’s some strategy, that is.


UPDATE IX (I'm glad my mother was a Latin teacher so I can continue the Roman numerals this high!): More posts, linking my video (thank you!):

All American Blogger | BlogCon Mercilessly Mocks Occupy Denver's Failed Invasion of #BlogCon11 (Video) (Cross-posted at PJ Tatler)

UPDATE X: Still! More! Video!

YouTube | dlmabey | #OccupyDenver Storms #BlogCon11, One Arrested (Unedited)


  1. Great vids you have compiled Sarah! So jealous you are back in my home state having all the fun!

  2. Sarah, I regularly take a statement, either goofy or insightful, and place it under my blog title...

    "I am really starting to lose faith in the hippies of my generation."

    Priceless! Thanks!

  3. Haha I love it! Thanks :)

    ...and yes, my generation's hippies ARE defective.


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