Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What were you doing in 1994?

What were you doing in 1994? If you're old enough to vote, you were alive then. I was at Edgewater High School, in the marching band and German Club. (My nerd credentials run deep). One big highlight from that year was finally convincing my parents to let me get contacts instead of glasses.

Yes, 1994 was an interesting year. Between Nancy Kerrigan getting clubbed on the leg by a figure skating rival, Kurt Cobain's suicide, and O.J. Simpson no longer being viewed as just that football player in the Naked Gun movies, it's amazing anyone managed to remember there was an election.

And regarding that 1994 election, here's what some people you may recognize were doing:

Newt Gingrich was telling a reporter exactly what the Contract for America would include, what they were promising the American people, and how he was going to use this to drive into Congress a new Republican majority. His matter-of-fact and forceful delivery will sound familiar to anyone who has admired his debate performances this year:

YouTube | Newt Gingrich - March 22, 1994

In contrast, in 1994 Mitt Romney was running for Senate and said that the Contract with America was a "mistake" because it was "picking teams" and he "[doesn't] like winners and losers." And, oh yeah, his hair was fantastic:

YouTube | Mitt Romney on the Contract with America

[A double hat tip to Professor William A. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection, who originally posted the videos, and Henry Luis Gomez at BabalĂș Blog, who provided some solid snarky commentary.]

And, oh, what's that? What was Herman Cain doing in 1994?


YouTube | Herman Cain discusses health care with Bill Clinton

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