Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Adam Hasner!

Today is Florida Senate candidate Adam Hasner's 42nd birthday. Adam's wife, Jillian, sent out this message earlier this week:

This is always a very special time of year for our family.  Not only do we get to observe Thanksgiving and all the ways we've been blessed, but we also get to celebrate Adam's birthday which happens to fall on the day after Thanksgiving.

We usually commemorate Adam's birthday with lots of college football (in fact, attending a college football game was our first official date), spicy buffalo wings, and Adam's favorite carrot cake.  This year there will be 42 candles on that cake and I know I can speak for Adam when I say that we've definitely received more than our fair share of good wishes this past year!
Our lives have been filled with joy and blessings, and we are so truly grateful for all of the friendship and support from across Florida and throughout the country. 
One thing I know Adam would really enjoy is to receive a special birthday greeting from you.  Please click here to send Adam a birthday wish via Twitter! 
Your support has meant so much to us this past year while on this journey running for United States Senate.
The motto of Adam's campaign is Fight DC-Save America! Adam believes that we don't need any more Washington in Washington, people who want to go back to Washington or people who want to run for the next higher office.  We need leaders who will go to Washington and fight!  We need leaders who understand that this is a line in the sand moment for our country, who will fight the status quo, put our country back on track and then come home to live under the laws they pass.  That's why Adam's promised to serve only two terms.
Nominating any Republican to take on Senator Bill Nelson is not as important as nominating the right Republican - someone who will defend and uphold the conservative principles at the core of our Party. 
Adam is that man!
I hope that in addition to tweeting your birthday wishes to Adam, you will also consider making a contribution to his campaign.  To commemorate Adam's 42nd birthday you can donate $4.20, $42, or $420, but any amount would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you once again for your support, and God bless you and your family.
Jillian Hasner

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