Friday, November 18, 2011

I can't stop laughing at this Ron Paul Bad Lip Reading video

The folks at have been making videos with the Republican presidential candidates' ads, replacing the original words with an  intensely funny dose of awesomesauce. Here's their latest, featuring Ron Paul:

Gotta love the fact that the video starts with "A lot of people say, I kinda wish you were less coo-coo." Heh.

This post is dedicated to all the leprechaun farmers who are gamblers and love dishwashers. 

(Just watch the video, it will make sense...well, sort of.)

Videos from other candidates are on the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel, including this hysterical one with Michele Bachmann:

YouTube | BadLipReading | "Michele Bachmann": a BLR Soundbite

"You're gonna wish you could buy me a tin cup for all these nickels...I'll get you!" Yikes!


  1. Crazy Uncle Ron! the sad thing is this isn't that different from how he normally sounds (at least on the foreign policy stuff)!

  2. The Michelle Bachman voice is awful. Who is that Perez Hilton?


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