Sunday, March 18, 2012

"War on Women?" Ha! Here on the right, we're having a grand old time.

One of the Left's favorite little fear-mongering games is to call conservatives "anti-woman," and accuse the right of attempting to "control women's bodies." Unfortunately for Obama's reelection hopes, the ladies just aren't buying it:

Breitbart - Big Journalism | Dana Loesch | Obama's "War on Women" Backfires
A trio of polls released yesterday shows the harsh reality from which the embattled President Obama and the media hoped to deflect by fabricating a "War on Women."

...These polls show that the administration's weeks-long assault with a trumped-up narrative has failed. The administration's "hurt and rescue" (cause a problem while simultaneously pretending to be the savior from the problem while acting as though your actions are mutually exclusive) tactic has failed in that the predictability and sheer silliness gave it away...

...It's not "feminist" to demand that another woman carry the yoke of your free choices. Women see it as a threat the administration's refusal to ease the higher costs at the pump, costs which eat away at our budget for groceries, summer clothes for our children, and bills which go towards providing rooftops over our families' heads.
Anyway, while the Left is busy wringing their little hands about a mythical War on Women, my friends and I at FTR Radio spent last week celebrating some of the brightest conservative female minds. We had a jam-packed schedule featuring Michelle Malkin, S.E. Cupp, and Monica Crowley. Here are links to the podcasts of the shows:

Snark Factor 174 with Michelle Malkin (3/13/2012)
Snark Factor 175 with S.E. Cupp (3/14/2012)
Snark Factor 176 with Monica Crowley (3/15/2012)

Further reading:

Conservative women are scary! At least according to a new Obama campaign web ad...featuring Sarah Palin.

(For more on how very frightening Palin is to the Left, check out these Big Hollywood posts on the HBO propanganda-fest known as "Game Change" herehere, and here.)

Don't miss ShePAC's excellent video, which has received nearly 400,000 views since it launched a week ago:

YouTube | ShePACTV | Bill Maher: Obama's Million Dollar Man

Breitbart - Big Journalism | John Sexton | Gynescare Is Not Working

Google Trends shows that people are far more concerned about gas prices than the Left's trumped-up "War on Women" silliness (I pulled statistics for 2012 so far; you can adjust the time frame in a drop-down menu at the top right of the window).


  1. I listened to the show with Monica Crowley on Thursday. She was fantastic. Will have to go back & listen to the others.

  2. That SHEPAC video is great. the GOP needs to do more videos like that. Don't let the liberals and the media get away with their false smears!


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