Monday, March 26, 2012

No CGI Bunnies Were Harmed in the Making of this Video...

...but we can't say the same for small businesses in the current economy.

The latest video from Cain Connections:

YouTube | CainConnections | Rabbit

Message posted with the video: The rabbit is fine but our current tax code is killing small business! The current tax code allows the Government to pick winners and losers by doling out favors and dividing the country with class warfare.

We've decided to take this "Sick of" campaign to the next level and actually let you participate in the making of future videos Go to and tell us your idea for why you are tired of more federal debt, crazy deficits, wasteful government spending, and more! Go vote and share this with your friends!
Heh. I like this one better than the goldfish one. And don't worry about the bunny, he's just CGI once he's in the catapault. All they launched were some pixels. ;)

UPDATE: Legal Insurrection posted the video in a post titled "Fix the tax code or we'll shoot another rabbit." Heh.


  1. the message doesnt work bc nobody knows what a CGI bunny is. At least I dont and I have followed all the politics for years. this blog doesnt explain either. so i give up

  2. CGI = "computer generated imagery"

    I included a link to the Wikipedia page. Didn't mean to leave anyone out :)


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