Monday, March 26, 2012

A Message for Monday

So I'm sitting here feeling cranky because I have one week left in this house before the big move to MA and of course nothing can just be simple and now there's some sort of something wretchedly wrong with the plumbing (this isn't my area of expertise, but I'm pretty darn sure that when you run the washing machine, sandy water isn't supposed to flow up into your bathtub) and my new buddy from Roto-Rooter is pulling freaking tree roots out of the pipes (yes, this is a real thing that happens in older houses, oh, such joy) and it's going to cost several hundred dollars, ugh...

And then I came across this photo, and, well, it put things in a little more perspective:

No idea who that little boy is, but he is 100% awesome.

Thanks, God, for the reminder. I've got a lot of reasons to be thankful. (Although, if I'm completely honest, I make no promises to smile until this second cup of coffee sinks in...)

Hope everyone has a good Monday. :)

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