Friday, March 30, 2012

Catching up with Sean Bielat

Republican Congressional candidate Sean Bielat has been busy this past week, with lots of media appearances and meetings with voters throughout Massachusetts' Fourth District. Here are some of the highlights:

Last weekend, Sean was a guest on The Monica Crowley Show:

YouTube | Sean Bielat on The Monica Crowley Show - March 24, 2012

Monica made it clear who she supports in this race:
I have made it my mission on this program to highlight some of the true conservatives running for office around the country, and joining me on the line right now is one of those true conservatives, Sean Bielat...
It's not enough to get rid of Barney Frank, we've got to replace him with Sean Bielat...
I couldn't agree more. Of course, I'm not exactly unbiased here, but then again, I would not be moving to Massachusetts for a mediocre candidate.

Follow Monica on Twitter at @MonicaCrowley and check out her blog at (I really liked her comments about "The ACTUAL Etch-A-Sketch Guy").

Sean also attended a meet-and-greet event in Hopedale. My friend Peter Ingemi (aka "DaTechGuy") has a great write-up at his blog, along with lots of photos, here, here, here, and here. Here are his videos:

Interview before the event:

Introductory remarks:

Q & A:

Closing remarks:

As you may know, we are coming up on the end of another fundraising quarter. Donating to good conservative candidates like Sean Bielat not only helps their campaigns directly, it also sends a message to the Left and the media that the conservative movement is alive and well, and energized for this election.

For more information about Sean Bielat, please visit, the campaign's Facebook page, or follow on Twitter @SeanBielat and @BielatPress. You can also donate to the campaign here.

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