Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tweet of the Day

Andrew Breitbart, father of four, friend to many, and inspiration to countless more, was laid to rest today in California.

Big Journalism Editor Dana Loesch sent out a simple tweet a few hours ago with just "#war" as the only text and this photo:

Breitbart's legacy is in good hands. God Bless his family, friends, and all those who seek to carry on his fight.


  1. What a great photo...and the left needs to be afraid, very afraid, of what's coming for them...

    #WAR is right. I'm sick of the left and their allies in the media just flat out lying. Glad we have good people fighting back!

  2. It took someone like Obama to start dismantling our country before 'We the People' woke up and said whoa, what are you doing man?

    Some of us knew ahead of time what will happen and other's didn't but yet we didn't know how to go about warning the masses of the coming armageddon until Andrew rode in on his white charger and led the way.

    We're still shell shocked at his passing. He will be so missed but I have to give credit to his Team that they managed to continue despite the tragedy. That test of endurance will only make them stronger and continue fighting the battle as will the rest of us.


    (twitter) @copperpeony


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