Monday, August 13, 2012

Tea party movement sets record straight: They #StandWithSandy

The District 7 Republican primary continues to be a roller coaster. The infamous troublemaker Doug Guetzloe sent out a mailer through his "Ax the Tax" organization in support of John Mica, falsely claiming that he had tea party support. Guetzloe made headlines in 2010 for his creation of a third party political party using the name "Florida Tea Party," that was frequently accused of being a plot to divide conservative votes and assist in the reelection of Alan Grayson and other liberal Democrats.

Despite Guetzloe's best efforts, the hard working conservative activists who are actually part of Central Florida's tea party movement know the truth, and aren't going to sit silently while he attempt to peddle this nonsense. Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer came back to Orlando today to counter this story, emphasize that the Tea Party Express organization did indeed endorse Sandy Adams, and state clearly the conservative principles that inspired their endorsement.

Here is the video from the press conference earlier today:

YouTube | Tea Party Express & Central Florida tea party movement leaders stand with Sandy Adams

You will note in the video are a number of other conservative activists, who I have known for years, stating unequivocally that they as individuals, as well as their local tea party organizations, are completely and enthusiastically behind Sandy Adams.

Fellow freshman Representative Richard Nugent also drove over from Tampa to appear at the press conference and speak in support of Sandy Adams. Nugent and Representative Dennis Ross endorsed her earlier.

You can also see a special message from Amy Kremer here:

YouTube | Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer wants YOUR help for Sandy Adams in FL-7

The tea party movement and grassroots conservative activists are standing with Sandy Adams in this primary. Don't be fooled.

Further reading:

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